• Testimonials

  • Jen has very reasonable prices compared to some of the local franchises and her work is outstanding. Jen is very patient and understands dog language more than anybody. Her work with Cesar Milan really must have really paid off. I'm so glad she had the opportunity to work with my boy Baxter, a Boxer, because she taught me how to communicate with him on a level better than I realized possible. He actually listens to me now. I feel I owe more than this review, thank you!

    Amelia Curran

  • Jen gave me 4 months to fix my dogs leash pulling, but she solved the problem in 2 1/2 months. I am so ever grateful because I can now take Jasper walking anywhere and he's a really great dog. Jen is so patient and has a heart of gold. Thank you for your expertise.

    Camilla Taylor

  • I adopted a rescue dog last year. He's a Boxer, so he had the typical jumping issue, but really bad. I figured it may be the reason he needed a new home, but he is a really nice dog with a good disposition. I knew I needed to find a good trainer to help me. I found Jen through her website and gave her a quick call. I'm so glad I did because his original jumping issue is almost completely resolved. I enjoyed working with her and she taught me a few new things about how to handle my communication with him much better.

    Michael D. Miller

  • We have a Lab, her name is Gretchen. We love her so much, but she would not stop jumping on people, it was really embarrassing. A friend of mine referred us to Jen Keller Dog Training. It took her a few months to get him where she is now. Respectful and much calmer. She listens to us now because she realizes we are boss which we never knew was capable until Jen started to work with her. Much gratitude!

    Toni Lombardi

  • Jen was amazing what she did with my boxer. He was a jumper and he would jump on everyone who walked through our door. After Jennie worked with him after only a few months, he is much better behaved :)

    Patricia Nables

  • Our Labrador Retriever is a very sweet dog, but he had issues with jumping all over our friends. 9 weeks in and Jennie did an amazing job at calming him down. Awesome job!

    Sue Ellen Bigsby

  • We are blessed to own a very well behaved Collie, but he is extremely shy and fearful. Jen was able to gain his trust very fast and she seemed to bring him out of his shell to the point that he's more confident than ever. I never thought this would have been possible.

    Jordan Ellison

  • Rascal was an unruly and obnoxious dog. Especially when friends, family or my co-workers visit. I found Jennie on Google search. I called her and set my first appointment. She came to our home. She explained to me that it could take a few months of consistent 1-on-1 training; this is what I expected. It actually took 5 months because Rascal is extremely stubborn, but you wouldn't believe how much he has changed. He is much calmer and respectful of our visitors. Much less obnoxious and he will actually listen to me when I tell him to calm down when he gets in his moods. Jennie showed us how to communicate to him better where he realizes we have dominance over him. Great job Jen!

    Robert Hodgson