• Puppy Training

  • Training your puppy right is one of the best ways to produce a well-adjusted adult dog. That’s one of the reasons Jen Keller Dog Training is so excited about our Puppy Training Program for Fort Worth, Southlake and Keller area!

    However, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about how to properly train, socialize, and care for puppies. 

    Let’s talk about a few common myths and misconceptions in regards to puppy training.

    Well-meaning owners often want to socialize their puppies to the world so that they grow up to be confident adults. When most trainers say socialization, they mean gradually and systematically exposing the puppy in a positive way to the world. The puppy learns that all sorts of new things are awesome.

    This is not the same as taking your puppy to a music festival or the bar and just exposing him to new things. Formulas such as “100 new people in 100 days” are well-meaning and might be right for some dogs. However, for a shy puppy, meeting that many people could backfire. It’s not enough to just expose your puppy to new things - you’ve got to make it positive.

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