• As Labrador puppies are small, less energetic and get easily tired, they don’t need a true exercise. You can start your Labrador Puppy Training from 6 weeks of his age to onward. From birth to until he is 3 months old, he will get enough exercise from his play with mother and training, so he does not need exercise during that period.

    In case if you want to train and socialize your puppy, then maintain a balance between his exercise and diet. Over-exercise and low energy diets can damage his muscles and cause weakness.

    When your puppy will be more than 3 months old, then follow the “Five Minute Rule” and when your puppy will be 1-year-old, move to rough and planned exercise.

    Fiver Minute Rule means if your dog is one month old he needs five-minute exercise and keeps adding five minutes/month until 12 months. For example, if your puppy is 3 months old, then he needs 15-minute exercise and if he is 4 months old, he needs 20-minute exercise.

    This gradual increase in time, allows your puppy to adopt the structured exercise easily. When he will be mature, that will be easy for you to control him during exercise. Proper training within age limits is an essential thing to control your Labrador Retriever.

    If your puppy has other siblings and mother with him, he will get more play with them and this play time is also counted in his exercise. In this situation don’t take him to exercise, if he gets enough there.